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Good ideas don't require force


Hi, my name is Z33DD, I’m a computer lover and a coffee addict. Let me tell you a litte about me: I discovered the Bitcoin in 2010, but purchased some satoshis just in 2017 (yeah, I know that I lost the chance to become rich), but I always loved all the technology and philosophy behind the currency. With Linux (or GNU+Linux, however you want), the journey was more fast. A thing that aways turned me on since I was a kid is hacking and pentest, I just love be the bad guy some times. In one of my favorite site about the subject, NullByte, I heard about Kali Linux. With some VMs here and there, I realized that Debian was more efficient to about everything in compared to Windows. So in 2016 I ditched Windows and installed Elementary OS as my main operational system. Today, I use Arch Linux and can’t see myself using any OS anymore.

Since 2015, I recognize myself as an anarchist libertarian. Don’t worry, I don’t like drop molotovs everywhere, I just follow the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) and Natural Law. Good ideas don’t require force.


In reality, this is my attempt to start writing a blog. Almost a year ago, I started a Telegram channel to write and share some things in my mind and I really enjoyed the experience. Now, this is my new attempt to build my own place on the World Wide Web to talk to other people about the crazy things in my mind wishes to put out. You can expect posts about tech, decentralized networks, digital sovereign and my opinions about what happens in this insane world. So bonsoir, guest.

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