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Why I love RSS

RSS feeds are my favorite way to get in touch with bloggers and others content creators. The main reason: the feed is hosted by writers for readers.

Think about it: Today, if I what to keep me up to date of all the blogs that I like, I have to follow them in social medias like Twitter. But with a good RSS reader I can keep my feeds up to date and read them in a minimalist way that don’t have the bad points that social media have. It’s nice wake up on morning and drink my coffee reading blogs that I really what to read.

Just what I ask to read.

Another good feature is that RSS readers are open source, respects you privacy and don’t discriminate content like other news aggregators like Google News. The content’s creator host the feed so it cannot be deleted for any reason.

With RSS the reader have the freedom to create and customize his own feed with categories and tags. The only thing that I miss is likes or up/down votes, but the goal is keep a minimalist protocol, for this thing I use Lobsters, Hacker News and Reddit.

Unfortunately, it’s bad times for RSS. Over and over I read on the web that RSS is dead. This is truth in some sense because the mainstream sites are leaving RSS and switching to email newsletters while podcasts still widely use it, but as my main use is for blogs, nothing was change. But I urge every content creator, mainly bloggers and journalists, to implement RSS on his publications.

As RSS reader, I use TinyTinyRSS on web, Thunderbird on desktop and Feeder on Android

Finally, some blogs that I like that have a RSS Feed:

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