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Hello, I’m Z33DD

As this is officially the fist post of this site, I want to write something cooler than “Hello World”. So why not the fist words of my favorite movie saga?

Let me introduce myself: I’m a dev based in Brazil and I love zeroes and ones since before I even knew what they had to do with that screen and keyboard that I surfed on Wikipedia. When I was 5, my dad started teaching me how to use that strange invention that he spent so much time in front of. At first I was introduced to Mr. Google, the best teacher of my entire life. OK, it’s more like that strange teacher that stalks the students but it was what I had before meeting the duck.

My childhood with overprotective parents made me go on as a geek watching Discovery and History Channel. When the class was boring, I spent my time reading science books, and when it was physical education class I always ran away to the library to play chess, read a book or even watch a documentary about Einstein’s life. Another thing I discovered in my childhood was Star Wars and other science fiction films. These works were what sparked my love for technology and the desire to change the world using it. Think about it: every sci-fi work comes down to a smart protagonist doing the right thing by fucking awesome technology, be it a lightsaber, a cool spaceship or maybe some funny robot. And there’s also the intelligence factor, no stupid protagonist lasts long on screen, unless it’s Jar Jar Binks

Going back to my story: as a teenager I already had my first console, the Xbox 360. I spent good hours playing Halo: Reach against my younger brother. When I got my first laptop, a curiosity started to push me beyond chess and The Sims. Curiosity moves me in a way that I can’t explain and I love it. Sometimes I make some mistakes, like formatting an important hard drive accidentally, but in general this type of accident does me good. It turned out that I learned how to recover files!

My first programming language was Python and my first Linux distribution was Ubuntu 14. I remember that I almost had an orgasm when I saw the purple boot screen for the first time. Today I use Arch btw.

My political views can be summed up in a phrase:

I want gay couples to be able to defend their marijuana farms with guns (and tanks, maybe)

I view myself as a free-market anarchist like Tim C. May.

Let’s clarify some things:

And, finally, I’m not the spokesman of the Libertarian cause, so I’m not the best person to explain you every nuance of a libertarian society and THIS WILL NOT BE A BLOG ABOUT POLITICS.

Actually, I’m part of the Brazilian cypherpunk movement. We are a decentralized collective of individuals, in majority libertarians too, that discuss and broadcast the usage of technology and cryptology to reduce the powers of the state against peaceful people. You can read more at the official site in portuguese.

I start writing this to share my thoughts with random people who can understand my poor english and maybe get to know more people around the world. Here you can expect me to write about technical stuff, decentralized technology, open source software and open hardware, my views about what happens in the world and commentaries about whatever I want.

Be welcome!

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